At HMD Architects

We design to engineer the reality, that transform ideas into experiences.

Established in 2001, HMD Architects is a culmination of 21 year of hands-on experiences, germinated from successfully commissioned designed ideas. Over the passed two decades we have been rendering our services in the domains of Architecture, Interior Architects and Construction Consultancy Services including quantity-surveying, estimation, scheduling, value-engineering, quality-assessment, project-management, research, feasibility and reportage.

21 years Work Experience

About Us

Architecture has the power to inspire and delight. It is a science in which one practices the art of designing along with desirable edifices to manufacture a habitat which can enhance everyday experiences.

At HMD Architects, we process the ability to synthesise design knowledge, logistics, circulations, geometry, building techniques, functions and ergonomics, above all get your project successfully off the blocks ....................

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